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Big tax looms for mutual fund capital gains – How to avoid it.

Quick Tumblr post on the taxes investors may face on their mutual fund capital gains at the end of the year. How to avoid it? Sell your mutual fund investment or simply deal with it. At 15%, capital gains taxes are still way smaller than income taxes.

John Lekas: Elon Musk Reveals the New Tesla D

Last night, Elon Musk revealed the new Tesla D in grand fashion, and it lived up to the hype and grandiosity . The Tesla D is practically a space ship, a vivid glimpse into the future of automobiles. Read more about the Tesla D on the John Lekas blog. 

John Lekas: Why Should Yahoo Merge With AOL?

John Lekas has a blog post about the dilemma facing Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. With the $6 billion Yahoo earned from selling Alibaba shares, activist investor wants Mayer to use the cash to merge with AOL. Will this be enough to offset the continued losses of Yahoo’s display advertising and help it bridge the gap [...]

Russian Ruble Hits All-Time Low

Amid Western sanctions and declining energy prices, the Russian ruble has dipped to its lowest point ever, getting 38.80 rubles per one U.S. dollar. The EU and U.S. have stonewalled Russia in an attempt to resolve the conflict with Ukraine. Until the West lifts these sanctions, or Putin and Moscow start heavily investing in the [...]

Russia Ukraine Conflict Escalates, Market Reacts

Read John Lekas’ blog post about the potential market effect of the recent escalation in the Russia and Ukraine conflict. Western sanctions on the Russian energy sector may be on the horizon after Kiev accused Russia of planning on cutting of gas supplies to the European Union in the winter.

John Lekas: Invest in Cheap Russian Energy Bonds

John Lekas recently made appearances on CNBC and TheStreet to discuss an unlikely investment opportunity: Russia. Despite the horrendous conflict with Ukraine and the current government ban on food imports from the United States and other western country, Russian energy bonds are currently cheap and ripe for investment.     Lekas told CNBC that he [...]

Investors Unaware of Gains in the Bull Market

The stock market was up 30% in 2013, but nobody seemed to notice. According to a recent Gallup pole, nine out of ten people didn’t know about the market’s bullish gains. In fact, the bull market is already well into its fifth year, but only 52% of Americans were invested in the stock market last [...]