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Morgan Stanley: Tesla Stock Could Reach Further Heights By End of Year

Morgan Stanley is reporting that despite massive spending in 2015 ($1.5 billion to be exact), Tesla could close the year with stock prices around $280. While the capital-spending plan could scare away investors, it will be worth it for those who are patient as Tesla continues to evolve an automotive sector that remains stagnant and [...]

John Lekas: SEC to Impose New Regulations on Mutual Funds

John Lekas writes about new SEC regulations that will require mutual funds to remain liquid enough for clients to redeem shares at any times. This means limiting investment in junk bonds, leveraged loans and other assets that are difficult to sell.

More Americans are quitting their jobs, and why that’s a good thing

John Lekas has a blog post about recent U.S. Labor data showing that Americans are now quitting their jobs at a rate not seen since December 2007. Why is this a good thing? Workers have confidence they can land a better job, and quickly. When employees quit their job, it also forces the hand of [...]

The Most Common Mutual Funds In Retirement Plans

Investopedia lists the most common mutual funds found in retirement plans. Equity mutual funds are far and away the most popular, accounting for 58 percent of mutual fund assets found in retirement. Balanced funds are found in 22 percent of retirement plans, followed by target date and lifecycle funds and bond funds.

Big tax looms for mutual fund capital gains – How to avoid it.

Quick Tumblr post on the taxes investors may face on their mutual fund capital gains at the end of the year. How to avoid it? Sell your mutual fund investment or simply deal with it. At 15%, capital gains taxes are still way smaller than income taxes.

John Lekas: Elon Musk Reveals the New Tesla D

Last night, Elon Musk revealed the new Tesla D in grand fashion, and it lived up to the hype and grandiosity . The Tesla D is practically a space ship, a vivid glimpse into the future of automobiles. Read more about the Tesla D on the John Lekas blog. 

John Lekas: Why Should Yahoo Merge With AOL?

John Lekas has a blog post about the dilemma facing Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. With the $6 billion Yahoo earned from selling Alibaba shares, activist investor wants Mayer to use the cash to merge with AOL. Will this be enough to offset the continued losses of Yahoo’s display advertising and help it bridge the gap [...]

Russian Ruble Hits All-Time Low

Amid Western sanctions and declining energy prices, the Russian ruble has dipped to its lowest point ever, getting 38.80 rubles per one U.S. dollar. The EU and U.S. have stonewalled Russia in an attempt to resolve the conflict with Ukraine. Until the West lifts these sanctions, or Putin and Moscow start heavily investing in the [...]