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John Lekas: How Tesla Successfully Scaled Production

John Lekas writes a quick blog post on how Tesla has successfully scaled production of its renowned electric cars. Tesla is preparing to open its Gigafactory lithium ion battery production facility, which will double the world lithium production capacity and catapult Tesla toward its goal of producing 200,000 units per year by 2020. Read the [...]

Interview: Small fund nimble enough to navigate the edges of fixed income

Jeff Benjamin with InvestmentNews recently interviewed John Lekas, president, chief executive and senior portfolio manager at Leader Capital Corp. regarding the Leader Capital Total Return Fund which has a five-star rating from Morningstar Inc. and is leading the intermediate-term bond fund category year-to-date, as well as the one- and three-year periods. Read the full article [...]

Read: 4 Retirement Strategies to Avoid Now

Barbara Friedberg, for US News, writes: “A better alternative to a long-term bond fund today is a short-term bond fund … With these options, you won’t risk losing principal value as interest rates increase during the next few years.” Read the article here.

Read: Red Flag for Stocks – Insiders Are Selling

“The bull market is on the brink of losing one of its most important supports … corporate insiders who historically have exhibited the greatest insight into their companies’ prospects have recently become more bearish … That doesn’t have to doom the market immediately, since insiders often act early, in order to avoid the appearance — or the [...]

Read: High Yield Bond Volume, Hitting $7B Despite Rising Rate Environment

Forbes Contributor, Tim Cross, on high yield bond volume. Hitting $7B despite rising rate environment. “U.S. high yield bond issuance rebounded to $6.9 billion last week despite still-rising underlying Treasury Rates. Rather than test potentially higher rates in the future, issuers got to work last week, pricing $2.4 billion of offerings on Tuesday alone, after [...]

Read: When Things Get Beaten Up, Look For The Larger Market Caps

Wallace Forbes,, speaks with John Lekas, CEO, and Scott Carmack, Co-Portfolio Manager, Leader Capital. From staying on corporate bonds and passing on government paper to sticking with the dollar but not being restricted to U.S. corporates, Forbes readers learn of Leader Capital’s model and success. Read the entire article at Forbes:

A Low U.S. Dollar Will Drive Markets in the Longer Term

Leader Capital believes that the U.S. dollar is poised to break lower. 79 is an important level of support on the above chart.  We think that there are a number of reasons the DXY will break, including the economic recovery in Europe, the appointment of Janet Yellen, and the paralysis in Washington. A decisive break [...]